SkinWise MESO skinbooster: structural skin revitalization

Revitalizing skin booster are products ensuring additional hydration, stimulation and strengthening of skin tissues. This category of products has been recently developed, and the comparatively high concentration of HA (more than 22 mg/ml) is a feature typical for this category. In addition to high efficiency, SkinWise Meso skin booster has a beneficial price/quality ratio, which determines a reasonably high demand in the market.

Usual revitalizers, apart from the mesotherapy, should be injected quite often, because the process of enzymatic degradation is sufficiently short (7 – 16 days). Since patients are too busy and the current level of labor activity takes a lot of time, the demand of patients to prolongation of the interprocedural period is high. SkinWise Meso skin booster meets this demand due to such fact that it allows for carrying out procedures with the interval of 3 – 5 weeks without loss of skin humidity and remodeling. The procedure frequency is also decreased due to a large amount of residues of the first molecule (effect of isovolumic degradation), which also makes it possible to reduce the social rehabilitation period after procedure and minimize the use of masking cosmetics necessitated due to post-injection papules.

The ability of SkinWise Meso product with high concentration to retain a large amount of water provides additional opportunities for work with patients with high dehydration, for instance, between procedures, when the tissue hydration is necessary to increase and maintain reparative skin properties (wound healing), i.e. before peelings, laser and photo procedures. The high moisture saturation with its gradual steady release can also be offered to patients with large-pored skin, for whom injections of products to the superficial dermis are contraindicated due to the possibility of product loss through pores or pitted acne scars.

It cannot be unmentioned that the prolongation of enzymatic degradation process after injection of skin booster also increases the period of skin protection against free radicals, which is of great importance in the radial compensation at laser and photo impacts, as well as at active natural tanning.

The product is mainly injected into middle and deep layers of the dermis by using both serial puncture and linear threading techniques.


SkinWise MESO Extra prefiller: more than revitalization – "effect 3 in 1”

Application of products with higher concentration of HA, than that of skin boosters, provides one another important reaction mechanism of tissues to the product injection: a high density of HA molecules determines a primary reaction phase similar to that on filler, which in total determines an impact quality and duration. Therefore products with a concentration more than 25mg/ml, such as SkinWISE® Meso Extra, stimulate a sufficient amount of procollagen, collagen and then produce a biorevitalizing and moisturizing effect.

So the action is the same as that of filler, but shorter. Thus procollagen is produced slightly less and the looser network is left. Since the product is not a filler with the residual volume, it gives densification and normalization of placement of the ground substance. Such products refer to prefillers specifically due to the abovementioned hybrid properties.

SkinWISE® Meso Extra prefiller is usually prescribed in case of thinned, distorted and rugulose skin, when it is necessary to stimulate the increase in tissue thickness and density. The effect can be seen after the first procedure, because the molecular concentration is so high, that is equal to 2 – 3 standard procedures of biorevitalization. SkinWise Meso Extra is ideal for patients, who do not want to use stabilized hyaluronic acid products, but the skin revitalizing procedures are indicated for them. In this case the procedure carried out by using this product would be an optimal option due to the gradual and careful densification and thickening of dermal structures together with its moisturizing. SkinWise Meso Extra is distinguished from biorevitalizers by such fact that at the first stage it stimulates procollagen production as a filler, and from fillers – by such fact that at the second stage it comes into reverse contact with cells as a biorevitalizer. This product has maximum physiological properties, because it is capable of stimulating both fiber structures and ground substance. It is well known that all components in the body are in the determined conformity by quantitative indices, i.e. the collagen amount complies with the hyaluronic acid amount, and when one index is increased, the body will strive to naturally increase the other one to the preset ratio. Therefore the filler injections are almost always preceded by injections of biorevitalizers or mesotherapy products in order to ensure the imbalance equalization for tissues and contribute to active production of missing structures. In case of collagen excess, the elastin is actively regenerated and the hyaluronic acid is actively produced. In case of hyaluronic acid excess, the collagen, chondroitin become to be missing and the elastin is renewed.

There are many procedures, which are contraindicated to be carried out on very thin tissues, for instance, the injection of L-polylactic acid crystals is contraindicated for patients with very thin skin. Namely in this case the reinforcement by using SkinWise Meso Extra prefiller may effectively prepare the skin to the injection of intense collagen-stimulating product, such as L-polylactic acid.

Moreover, it should be noted that the product economy due to the advantageous combination of prefiller and biorevitalizer "two in one”, because the consecutive use of two products leads to the increase in general cost of procedures and, consequently, to the patient refusal of complete course on economic grounds.

Injections of this product are carried out 1 – 4 times every 4 – 6 weeks.

SkinWise Meso Extra is recommended to be injected into middle and deep layers of the dermis by using both linear retrograde and antegrade threading techniques. The same can be done by using serial puncture technique, but we should make the patient aware of possible product visualization within 1 - 2 days.



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