Hyaluronic acid came in our lives as products for arthrology. Development of biosynthetic processes, methods for stabilization of molecules and introduction in cosmetics have become a real revolution.
The methods for stabilization of hyaluronic acid molecules and formation of certain physical and chemical properties of the final product reached today high stability and minimum toxicity, though still there is a search for maximum convenient and effective form of final product. This necessity predetermines both growing needs of patients and doctors for the complex effect and efficiency of procedures.
A line of fillers was developed following these requests. These are SkinWISE fillers of combined type based on combination of bi-phase and mono-phase structure that provides complete correction height as well as absolute defects filling width. It has 5 types of products with variable structure of sizes of main particles and variable range of filling particles.
If you try to imagine the manufacturing process of formation of new concept of SkinWise filler particles, then it looks like the principle of "automatic potato-peeling” when there are main round particles surrounded by different filling particles.
Stabilization of SkinWise hyaluronic acid products is conducted with the modern high-frequency method of BDDE aether multilinking. Due to consequent combination of methods of production of bi-phase and mono-phase fillers, the final fragmented mixture simultaneously contains the properties of bi-phase and mono-phase fillers in its structure. Ball-like particles combine with finer particles of the variable range. It is well-known that the ball has higher support resistance than the cube with the same equal conditions. Thus, bi-phase ball-like particles of stabilized hyaluronic acid gel in mixture of finer mono-phase poly-form different-size particles of stabilized hyaluronic acid gel provide SkinWise products with the mixed-type properties. Exactly mixed –type gel has the best profile characteristics for wrinkles filling and volumes formation.

As a result we get clinically effective product "2 in 1” giving simultaneously correction height and filling width typical for bi-phase and mono-phase products. From skin treatment to complete volume correction: this will allow us to produce the line of SkinWISE fillers providing the doctor with the unique opportunities for routine practice.
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