SkinWise Placenta-ha


SkinWise Placenta-HA

Composition: Placenta, Placenta Lipopolysaccharide, Hyaluronic Acid, Water for injection, Stem Cells, Placentalimmune proteins, Polypeptide, Nucleic Acid, Amino Acid, all kinds of Growth Factors, Multi -type collagen.

Effects: Reducing the skin pigmentation, reducing the skin wrinkles, shrinking the skin pore, and revitalizing the skin radiance. Improving the cell metabolism, ensuring anti-oxidant and immunomodulatory effect, stimulating anagenesis, improving skin quality, decreasing couperosis intensity. Ensuring lifting effect.

Indications for use:
- Decreased tonicity and turgor skin care
- Pigmented skin
- Ph balance recovery
- Loose, atonic and elderly skin
- Skin with elements of acne, pitted acne scars
- Wrinkles

Recommended Treatment:
Initial Session: start with 1 treatment per week for first month
Additional Session: 1 treatment per one month for two months
Maintenance Session: 1 treatment per two months for maintenance, sometimes maintenance should be 1 treatment per month depending on results for 3 months.

Treatment Zone: Face or body.
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