SkinWise Rejuvenating+


SkinWise Rejuvenating +

Composition: Hyaluronic acid, water for injection, collagen protein, flavonoids, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B5.

Effects: reducing the skin pigmentation, reducing the skin wrinkles and revitalizing the skin radiance. Stimulating fibroblast functions with the further production of own hyaluronic acid. Hydrating skin, expressed rejuvenating effect, improving skin color. Contributing to initiation of own reparative skin processes.

Indication for use:
- Dry and loose skin
- Skin with signs of photoageing and chronoageing
- Wrinkles and lines correction
- Intensive anti-age therapy
- Hyperpigmentation


Recommended Treatment:

Initial Session: start with 1-2 treatments per week for first month
Additional Session: 1 treatment per 2 weeks for two months
Maintenance Session: 1 treatment per month for maintenance, sometimes maintenance should be 2 treatments per month depending on results for 3 months.

Treatment Zone: Face or body.
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